10GBPs Servers

Go Live with 10GBPs Servers

Unmetered servers with uplink of 10GBPs, a perfect choice for your projects that require a large amount of bandwidth.



  • CPU: Xeon E-2136G
  • Cores: 6x 3.3 GHz
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Storage: 500GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Network: 10 GBPs
  • Setup: 03 Days



  • CPU: 2x Xeon 4210
  • Cores: 20x 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Storage: 500GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Network: 10 GBPs
  • Setup: 03 Days



  • CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2650-V4
  • Cores: 24x 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Storage: 500GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Network: 10 GBPs
  • Setup: 06 Days

10GBPS Dedicated Servers

Speed is considered as the most important factors for website owners while selecting the hosting type and service provider.

This is the reason for the increase in demand for dedicated servers. However, different hosting types like shared hosting and VPS hosting offer a cost-effective solution, but they don’t compete with the performance of dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers are entirely managed for a single user, and users can enjoy all the resources available with that server. However, the hosting service provider also split the dedicated servers into different types like managed and unmanaged servers.

10GBPS Dedicated Servers are one of the server types that are getting popular day by day, and most web developers like to use this server for different purposes.


What Are 10GBPS Dedicated Servers?

If we look in the past, we used dial-up servers that offer very low speed as compared to the new servers. A single file with a size of few MB requires a lot of time to download.

With the regular advancement in servers, now we are in an era where we can download the massive size files in just a few seconds or minutes.

As we guess from the name, 10GBPS Dedicated Servers are the servers that offer the download speed at a speed of 10GBPS. It means you can enjoy the fastest rate of the internet and download the files or movies without waiting a lot.

This type of server is widely used by website owners for different purposes and provides various services to its clients. These servers are equipped with a network card that is capable of providing the dedicated transfer speed.

Moreover, these are connected with public internet by using routers, cables, and switches to meet the requirements of 10GPS speed.


Who Get More Benefit From It?

Almost every business that operates online needs more speed and space as well to improve the quality of services. The following are the few examples that use this type of servers mostly.

It is not wrong to say that 10GBPS servers are specifically designed for these businesses.

1.     VPN Providers

VPN (Virtual Private Network) service providers are on the top of the list that uses this type of server. It is because; they have to facilitate millions of users at the same time. Therefore, they need a server with massive resources to meet the requirements of their clients or users.

VPN services are used by people for several reasons, including web data scraping, to make the network private, to create the security fence around the network, to hide the identity while surfing the internet, and many more.

Usually, 1GBPS speed is enough to operate the system of VPN, but they need exceptional speed to improve user confidence.

2.     Storage Servers

Storage servers need high capacity storage and speed to take the backup and restore it. By using 10GBPS dedicated servers, they provide incredible services to their users. The improved capacity helps to reduce the uploading and to download time enormously.

Storage servers have to facilitate many users at the same time and need to manage multiple servers as well.

For example, if you are using 10 dedicated servers and uses a 1GBPS connection, it means every server is connected by using 1GBPS speed. Every link needs to take numerous backups every day that make the servers slow.

Usually, 10GBPS servers offer unlimited bandwidth; therefore, it is easy for users to allocate the bandwidth with every connection.

Especially at the time of taking backup of the bare metal server, and users don’t need to wait for hours to complete the backup process.

3.     Big Data and Analytics

Many companies that deal with big data for analytics purposes, and it takes a lot of time to process the data. Businesses need to prepare an enormous amount of data daily. Therefore, fast processing speed is the core requirement for this purpose.

10GBPS dedicated servers are an excellent option in this matter. It allows the users to process a large amount of data and transfer it in a few minutes instead of waiting for hours. However, it is expensive as compared to other servers, but it provides excellent value to money.

4.     IPTV and Streaming Media Servers

Usually, the streaming server requires an extensive amount of bandwidth to facilitate the significant number of streaming devices.

Media streaming servers take up a vast amount of throughput, and many streaming servers fail due to the use of low capacity server connections.

That’s why experts recommend using 10GBPS dedicated servers to ensure the quality of services for customers.


Some Other Popular Uses

However, there are countless users of this type of server. It is not possible to discuss all of them in this article. Therefore we provide the short introduction of a few more users in the below section.

·        CDN (Content Delivery Network)

These are the proxy-based servers, and they need to manage the users from around the world. The primary purpose of these networks is to improve the performance of the site in terms of speed. It is only possible when CDN is managed over high-efficiency servers.

·        Cryptocurrency Miners

A cryptocurrency miner needs extensive bandwidth and low latency for the smooth mining process.

·        Government Agencies

Governments agencies need to connect a wide range of departments with enormous users. They have to maintain the speed of network all the time even in times of high traffic of levels.

·        Gaming Servers

Gaming servers is another user that needs high capacity servers. They need to maintain a high speed for playing games online and facilitate a large number of gamers at the same time.

Usually, gaming companies design games with high definition by using 3D technology. Therefore, speed and capacity is the priority for gaming servers.

·        File Sharing

This type of servers not only facilitates commercial users but also provide a lot of benefit for residential users. It enables the users to download or share the massive files easily.

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